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Heyyy... Yeah i heard nothing from me for a long time. I had so much to do for school... exams... Well now this phase is over and before it starts again i want so try and write some posts. Who follows me on Instagram had more of my activity.
And apropos Instagram. Thanks for 300 subscribers! I am so happy that so many like my pictures! I think 300 is a big number and i am so happy and excited because it happend in a short time. A Big Thank You! 💗

Today it's about my hair. My insta-follower know that i cut my long hair. Now i have short hair, well it's short for me. It's like medium length. The last time i had this haircut was when i was like 11 years old. So that's a big change when you keep in mind that my hair was always to my butt.
The appointment was on the 7.10.16.
I have to catch up on so many things, 'cause instagram saw it first.
I did the appointment on monday the 3.10. and the disicion to cut my hair short fell on the 5.10. So i dicided it two days before i had the appointment. And this time i did it! Mostly i just say that i want short hair and i will cut it later. And now i did it! I was soo nervous and excited! On the next day i noticed that other people are more nervous than me :D

Now i show you some before-after pictures.



Somehow my hair looks dark on the last picture. Well i did nothing to it so i don't know why.
I am soo happy with the result! In my opinion i could be a little bit shorter. Next time i will cut it a little bit. I have so much fin running through my new hair 😁 I don't regret it at all. I hope that stays. 
I hope you liked it :)

What do you think? Should it go shorter?

We will see us next time.


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