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Hello and welcome back on my blog! Maybe you noticed that i didn't post for a long time. I'm so sorry! I really am. I always had no time and then i also went to Prague with my class. What an adventure. Maybe you aleady saw some posts on my insta. More information you will get in another post.
Now i'm home and i want to share with you my opinion on the liquid lipstick by catrice. I take my time because next week the exams start and then i have no time again. I am REALLY sorry! You know: school.

So it's not about school. It's about much more important things :D

I have the liquid lipstick by Catrice in the color 030 The OlymPINK Games. That's an intensive pink. I won this product on a giveaway by Vanessa aka Mrs Rosarot. Thanks again! I was really happy about it.
The whole prize you can see here.

Okay let' begin. The liquid lipstick is available in 4 nuances. This is the third one. An intensive pink. It contains 5ml. The packaging is pretty, simple and elegant. In the plastic-glas there is the product in a lipstickform. The top is black. You can screw the top  and the brush pops up with a little pressure. You can see on the second picture that the product is a little bit demaged. That may happend on the transport.
The smell is sweet- vanilly like most cheap products at the drugstore. But the smell is not that intensive, you can wear it. The brush is very small that's good for the small parts on the lip.You can work with it very precize. They promis that this liquid lipstick is very good pigemted and it's longlasting. Well i can't find any of that. It's not very good pigemented and longlasting at all. The covering power is alright  but if you want your full lip coverd you have to put more product on. The permanency (on me) is a joke. It doesn't stay even one hour.
So much gloss and less color.


Aside from the fact that it's not my color i am very disappointed. I expected better. But what will i do? I'm just happy that i got that product because for a price from 3,99€ i wanted pigment at least.


I hope you enjoyed it :D

What do you think about that Liquid Lipstick?

We will see us next time.


2 Kommentare

  1. Ich habe eine andere Farbe zugeschickt bekommen und war eigentlich ganz zufrieden :)
    Liebe Grüße ♥

  2. Huhu Anna,
    du Glückspilz, was du alles gewinnst :D
    Die Farbe von Catrice knallt auf jeden Fall mal richtig auf den Bildern, echt super. Schade dass dann die Deckkraft so enttäuschend ist. Für den Preis könnte man eigentlich schon einiges erwarten..
    Bin schon gespannt auf deinen Prag Post.
    Liebe Grüße,