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Welcome on my Blog! Today it's about an eyeshadow by Catrice, which i won. This product is a part of the whole. I will link the other products, where i already did a review, at the end.

When i first saw this eyeshadow i thought it is the prettiest thing ever! It has a pretty champagne-color. The packaging is classic black-seethrough.

What a beautiful name! I was really happy when i saw it because actually i wanted to name my blog like this. What a coincidence! :)

On the first sight a wonderful product! We will look closely.

They say it would be a creamy, but weightless powder eyeshadow with one stroke colour release. And also it would be longlasting. 

Except the fact that the colour is beautiful i have to say the application is very easy and the product itself is very light. Some eyeshadows have a big fallout of particles. I already experienced some fallout from my shimmer eyeshadow and at the end of the day it smudged on my face and it didn't look nice anymore. This eyeshadow doesn't smudge at all.
What i now realize is that you also can use it as a highlighter.  I will definitely try it!

I think it looks very pretty on the innercorners of the eye. Good for everyday life and for the evening.  For anytime. And it stays almost the whole day and the shimmer stay at it's place. Mostly the shimmer fades away but not this one.  I own a eyeshadow where it shimmers/shines just on one eye very intense. That looked very stupid but now i can use this one. For an intense shimmer i use one to two layer(s).

A pretty eyeshadow with easy application and intense shimmer. Perfect for everyday and evening. Bonus: would be a pretty highlighter.


I hope you enjoyed it :)

Do you used this eyeshadow?
What do you think?

We will see us next time.


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3 Kommentare

  1. Ich mag den Lidschatten sehr gerne. Die Pigmentierung ist super :)
    LG, Moni

  2. Du Glückspilz was du immer alles gewinnst :D
    Ich finde den Lidschatten ganz traumhaft, solche Farben gehen eigentlich immer und wenn man sie nicht auf dem Augenlid haben möchte kann man ihn zum Highlighten benutzen, hast du ganz richtig gesagt :)
    Freu mich schon den Lidschatten mal auf deinen Augen zu sehen :)
    Liebe Grüße,

  3. Schöner Beitrag und cool, dass du das gewonnen hast :D Ich mag die Produkte von Catrice sehr gerne, habe aber noch keine Erfahrung mit den Lidschatten gemacht. Er sieht aber echt schön aus - Die Farbe ist super :)
    Hab noch einen schönen Tag xx