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Hey! Yes i now... i didn't get in touch with you in a long time... i want to write so many reviews but unfortunately i have no time. School requires so much time. And when you have a little bit time you use it for yourself.

This post pasts due, like some other posts i will write. They already stayed for so long on my list and the pictures also wait to be used.

Now i give them the honor and use them for todays post. Because i want this produkt to be checked on my list.

Let's start because i also have to do homework :D

There are (i think) two different packages for facestrips. One is for chin+forehead and the other one is for the nose. I have the chin+forehead one. The reason is because i didn't know that there are two different packages. I also didn't read properly and just bought it.
I don't have blackheads on my forehead and chin, so i used the strips for my nose. Well first i tried them on my chin and forehead but it didnt worked.

The packaging contains 2 strips á 3 packages. One strip is for the chin and the other one for the forehead. The strips contain salicylic acid and teatree oil. Vegan. Price: 1,45€

This is what they promote:
Balea SOFT & CLEAR Anti-Blackheads Facestrips are effective against pimples and blackheads. The ingredient-combination of salicylic acid and teatree oil relieves the skin on the chin and forehead from uncleaness.  By regularly application the skin appears finer and it prevent the appearance of blackheads.

  1. The place where the strips are going to be has to be a little wet.
  2. Then you remove the strip from the sheet with clean and dry hands.
  3. Now you carefully place the strip on your skin and press gently on it.
  4. Wait for 10-15 min.
  5. Now remove the strip from the side.
  6. Wash your face with tepid water.
No sooner said than done. Here i used the facestrip for my nose because there i have many blackheads. Who also has this problem?

I had so much hope in it because they stick so strong to your skin. That means (for me) that they can remove much dirt.
After about 15 min. i tried, yes i tried to remove the strip from my nose but it was soo painful! My little hairs on my face were removed too. Well i already thought it would happen but in the beginning you have no idea how painful it is. Well i had tears in my eyes. You can imagine the pain like you would pluck your eyebrows. There is mostly one eyebrowhair that won't get removed on the "easy" way. After crying ( :D ) i hoped it would at least remove my blackheads.

And voilá! Some whiteheads are gone. Nothing spectacular like the black masks in korea but i was surprised how good it came off.
I think the next time i will use a black chalkmask. A peeling also does nothing for me.
I think there is also a product by Balea, it contains volcanostone for men. But where is the difference, for men or for women? Mask is mask.

Does anyone also think that some products for men are just more effective?


I think that the facestrips are very effective because they stick to your skin very hard. The removing part is very painful but then you have the feeling it would remove blackheads.
Of course my blackheads are not totally gone but i am still surprised. For a price for 1,45€ you can try it.


I hope you enjoyed it :)

What do you think?

We will see us next time.


1 Kommentare

  1. Schade dass es nicht funktioniert hat.
    Wenn du eine von den Kohlenmasken versuchst, will ich bitte unbedingt einen Review ich bin mir noch so unsicher ob ich das wirklich probieren möchte. Habe mir schon 1000 Videos dazu angeschaut aber kann mich immer noch nicht entscheiden.
    Ich habe auch Mitesser auf meiner Nase und an meinem Kinn.. leider
    Liebe Grüße,
    Miri von Mary Reckless