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Hey Guys! Eventhought i didn't want to write other post now i don't want that it looks so empty till tuesday. Actually i wanted to write everything after that. But who knows how long it will take because next week on wednesday school starts for me ;(
This post is not one of the "promised" 4 posts. There will be other ones.
I don't know how i will manage that :D

Enough talkin'. Today i want to show you an eyesmakeup. I played a little bit with some stuff and i think that's pretty. Yes i now it is not something special but i just don't wear flashy eyeshadow. Well not yet :D Who knows.
I think it is very pretty and it's something different from what i usually wear.
I will start now.

Okay i don't have every single step. I am sorry for that if someone wanted to see those.

Step 1

First i applied an eyeshadow base on the whole lid. So the eyemakeup will stay in place and doesn't smudge or get in the crease. I use an eyeshadow base by Essence. It's the I♥ color intensifying eyeshadow base in the lightest color. Actually i wanted to buy the I♥ Stage one because i already heard so many good reviews about it but at the store i couldn't find it. But this also works really good. I spread the product with my fingers. 

Step 2

Next i use a eyeshodow color in the Absolute Matte Eyeshadow Palette by Catrice. I applied this shade on my whole lid. The palette is very good for this use because it got 3 different brown shades. So you can choose which shade you want to use. For application i use an eyeshadow brush by ebelin. It's a double-ended eyeshadowbrush. I should be called something like that :D I used the little bit bigger site.

Step 3

Now i use a darker shade than the first one. This shade i apply on the "end" of the lid. So on top of the lighter brown shade there comes a darker one. If you want you can also use black. Or you divide your lid in 3 parts. Then the darkbrown comes on the 2 half and black on the 3. Then your eye gets a ombré-look.
Here i just use the darkbrown. For application i use the same brush like in Step 2.

Step 4

Now it's time for blending everything out. For this step i use a lighter brown than i used before. Some people use darker shades for blending but for me it is a little bit difficult so i use lighter shades. That also functions very well. For blending i used a brush also by ebelin. It's a blendingbrush.I think there is just one size. Personaly i think that's bad that there aren't other sizes or the name/number is not on the brush itself. 

Step 5

Now we need a golden eyeshadow. Here it doesn't matter which one you get. A creamy or powdery one... use one you feel comfortable with. I use a Jumbo Eye Pencil by NYX in the shade 611 Yoghurt. This one is creamy and it's blendable and the pigmentation is also very good. So like i said... i wear this one on my innercorners of my eye. You can see it on the photo. I apply it with the pencil itself. Sometimes i "blur" it with my fingers if i applied too much product.

Step 6

Next i use a longlasting eye pencil by Essence in the shade 25 Say Hi Light on my waterline. Oh and this remainds me that i also put a little bit of the light brown eyeshadow on my lashline. On the very end i put the darkbrown on top of it.

Step 7

And last but not least i used a white pencil for the innercorners of my eyes to look more fresh and awake. For that i use the Jumbo Eye Pencil by NYX in the shade 604 Milk. For application i use a concealer brush by for your Beauty. Of course don't forget the mascara. I use the Maybelline Lash Sensational. It devides my lashes very pretty and they don't stick together. On my bottom lashes i don't really apply mascara because they are very long. The don't seem very long in this picture but trust me...they are.


So that is my eyemakeup. Of course i 'm not the first one who made it. And i should stop saying it like it is something special :D It's a normal eyemakeup with a little bit golden shimmer. Good for everyday use.
Of course it could be more dramatic by using a purple shade than brown but i don't own a palette like that. It should be a day-to-day eyemakeup. Nothing special :D

I hope you liked this post. If there will be other post like this one i will take pictures of all the steps i made. Then you can better see what i did.
But i hope you still liked it.

If you have any tips about how i can  improve posts like this then leave me a nice comment down below :)

Are you a Silver or Gold - Person?

Well i like both. But on the eyes i would say gold. But in jewelry both. Some people say if you have blue veins you are a silver-person. And if you have purpely-blue veins then you are a gold-person. Or the other way around :D
What do you think? Is it right?

We will see us next time.


2 Kommentare

  1. Hallo Anna,
    schönes Augen Makeup hast du da gezaubert, gefällt mir echt gut für den Alltag :-)
    Ich habe auch eine Catrice Palette und bin mit der sehr zufrieden :)
    Das mit der Farbe der Adern habe ich ja noch nie gehört.
    Also meine sind blau würde ich sagen, aber ich trage beides gerne..auf den Augen sowie auch als Schmuck wechsel ich mit Gold und Silber immer ab, weil ich beides schön finde und es auch immer drauf ankommt was man dazu trägt.
    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Danke :))
      Ja das mit den Adern... wie gesagt das habe ich gehört :D muss nicht stimmen.