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Heyy!! Today i was with a very good friend in the city because from today (01.08.) to the 12.08. there is a discount of 20% (store: Rossmann) for cosmetic by Manhattan, Astor and Rival de Loop. When i saw that in the commercial, it was obvious. I have to go there. After that i searched on the internet for some products, so i have an idea of what i want to buy. So i shouln't be searching too long. So i decided to buy 2 Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter Matte and 2 Nailpolishes by Manhattan.

When we were at Rossmann i searched so long (of course) With or without preventioin. 
At the end i decided to buy:

  • Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter Matte 028 Vintage Chic
  • Catrice Matt Lipartist 6hr 010 Bare Nude's Soul
  • Manhattan Last&Shine 120 Love Peach
  • Manhattan Last&Shine 615 Be My Favorite
I am so happy i got these products. Now i can test them! Right now i am wearing the lipstick by Catrice... but the reviews are coming later ;)

The discount will be subduct at the cash point! You don't have to cut them out. Unfortunately it is not available in every store, so watch if there are some signs.


I hope you enjoyd this Mini Haul!

Are you going to use this discount? (Yes?)
What products do you want to buy?

We will see us next time!


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