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 Hey my lovly ones!! Today it's about a wonderful nailpolish by Maybelline. It's the Super Stay Forever Strong 7 Days nailpolish in the color 78 porcelaine.

I wanted to buy this nailpolish but then my mum come in and gave it to me. Of course i applied it on my nails immediately. And i have to say i fell in love.

To know more about it keep reading ;)
Have fun.

The color is a beautiful light pink. Good for daily routine. The shimmer looks very precious and feminine. The nails shine soo pretty. Do you know when you apply a nailpolish and your nails look so... healthy? That's the case here. I instantly fell in love. The color, the finish... soo lovly!

For the first time i also pushes back my cuticles. I don't know if you can see it. Maybe that's why i like the nailpolish.

On the first look you maybe think that it's a normal shimmery pink nailpolish. But on the light it shimmers white, do you know what i mean? That's so difficult to explain :D I totally love it and i also don't have any other nailpolish just like this one.

The nailpolish promises:

  1. A shiny color 
  2. It last to 7 days 
  3. A flexible gel-formular, shock proof 
  4. A brilliant intensity 
  5. A anti-abundance-brush for ideal nailpolish amount 
  6. An easy and precise application 
Okay i like to start with the negative stuff.
So they promise that the nailpolish is shock proof because of the flexible gel-formular. Well that's not a gel-nailpolish at all. It is too liquidy and thin. But you can easyly build it up because it drys quickly. There is also not brilliant color intensity. Well i think that's because of the color. The color "Porcelaine" is not very intensive, like you would think. It is pink. I can imagine that it functions better with the other colors. 

So now we start with my favorite part. Raving about a product. There you can talk and talk.
So by now i think you understand that the color is just heaven right? ;)
We can stay there ☺ The color is very shiny and i think that's very pretty on the nails. It has this beautiful shimmer in it. First it is pink and when you turn it to the light it has a light white shimmer to it. I think that's genius :D It looks very natural and fabulous. Precious and sweet. There are so many words to describe this color but i think we are good here. At this point you should understand me.

The second thing is if it is longlasting. I can imagine really good that it can last to 7 days. "Imagine?!" ... yes imagine. I just can't wait so long for a review. Now i have this nailpolish 4 days on my nails and they didn't split at all. I plan to let this nailpolish stay to the end of this week. If it changes anything i will change my opinion ☺. But i am pretty sure i don't have to ;)

The anti-abundance-brush is very practical. I wish there would've been one on my nailpolish by Manhattan <Review here> . If you lift the brush the abundance just runs down. If that's done you can easy apply it on your nails. So the application is easy and precise.

It contains 10ml for the price 4,25€ at the drugstore.

All in All a very pretty nailpolish. The price is too much. It's just a nailpolish. It maybe last longer and has a anti-abundance-brush but nailpolish is nailpolish. This one is not very special. 
But i love this nailpolish, the color is just gorgeous. That's why i am happy i got one.

Maybe i would've bought one. But i think it wouldn't have been this color. I would've thought this is a pinky pink and not a shimmery-sometimes white pink ☺.

I would've bought one because from Monday the 15.08.-19.08. there is a dicount at Rossmann. The discount is 30% off all mascaras and nailpolishes, not by Essie. Although 30% off all cosmetic by Max Factor!
Get something. I will definitely. Immediately on monday :)

I will be out of town from tuesday till sunday, so there won't be any reviews or  other stuff on my blog. But there are some reviews in progress!
Be patient.


I hope you enjoyd this long post.

How long last a nailpolish on your nails?

We will see us next time!


10 Kommentare

  1. Ich finde den Lack echt total schön.
    Haltbarkeit hängt natürlich immer von mehreren Faktoren ab, welche Marke ist es, mit was arbeite ich, habe ich einen Base oder Topcoat verwendet? Ich trage meistens Essie und der hält immer so zwischen 3 und 5 Tagen :)
    Liebe Grüße ♥

    1. Deswegen weiß ich nicht genau wie ich die Haltbarkeit werten soll, wegen dem Topcoat. Ich werde es einfach ab jetzt erwähnen ob ich einen Topcoat verwendet habe oder nicht. :)

  2. Ich muss leider sagen, dass ich die Farbe fürchterlich finde :D Ist aber Geschmackssache. Bei mir halten normale Nagellacke so 2-3 Tage.

    Liebste Grüße,

    1. Wenn sie im Regal stehen würde, hätte ich mir die Farbe auch nicht geholt :D Aber an den Nägeln fand ichs ganz hübsch :)

  3. Stunning shade Anna. My sister loves pastel pinks and metallic shades. She has beautiful hands and nails too. I think im going to buy this one for her. Thanks for sharing a detailed review.

    Ash |

    1. Thank you! I am glad i could help you :)

  4. Liebe Anna,
    ich muss sagen, dass ich jetzt dazu geneigt bin eine Lack von der Super Stay Forever Strong Reihe zu versuchen, nach deinem Review über die Haltbarkeit.
    Bei mir halten die Essielacke bis zu 5 Tage ohne Überlack und um die 7 mit Überlack.. gehe auch einmal die Woche Reiten, ist also der absolute Härtetest für die Nägel. :-)
    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Ich hoffe diese Lacke bestehen den Härtetest :D Ist natürlich dann bei jedem unterschiedlich.

  5. Liebe Anna
    Das ist ja eine sehr süsse Farbe :)
    Liebe Grüsse Dana ♥