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Hey Guys! This post is one of the ones i wanted to write in the holidays but it just has to be today. The holidays aren't  that long ago.
I will only say that this post will be very long. I try to put all information down. But there are 3 lipsticks and also there are many many pictures :D

You can see by my nails that these pictures are a little bit older. I wear a nailpolish also by Maybelline. Its the Super Stay Forever Strong 7 Days in the color 78 Porcelaine. Here is the Review.

Okay i think we should start now.

547 Pleasure Me Red

Pleasure Me Red is a very pretty and intensive red. The color is very intensive and soft on the lips. It's obvious that when you eat and drink the color will come off. But it lasts longer than some other lipsticks. Personally i don't really like wearing red especially on my lips. The color just doesn't suit me. What a pity! That's a very pretty lipstick and on others the color looks so good! What i also really like is the smell. They smell sweet and vanilly but not too intense. On the lips it feels very pleasant. It also doesn't dry your lips because it contains honey. That is also because it  feels very soft.

207 Pink Fling

Pink Fling is a soft rosé color or a pinky nude. This lipstick belongs to the Blushed Nudes Series. That means that the nude tones will suit everybody. But i have to say that this color is a little bit too pinky for me. But it's okay :D I could wear it. I thinks that's because my lips are naturally pretty pink so the colors are more intensive on me. This lipstick also contains honey so it's very soft on the lips. This lipstick doesn't last very long. It's is also not very much pigmented. It's like a lipbalm with color. But it also can be because of my lips because i put on my lipbalm like crazy. The smell is also sweet vanilly.

140 Intense Pink

Intense Pink is a warm and really intense pink like the name says :D
Personally the pigmentation is like 207 Pink Fling. Sheer. But like i said that's probably because of the lipbalm.  This lipstick is also creamy because of the honey it consists. There aren't dry lips with these lipsticks.

Swatches - 140; 207; 547

Generally: The "normal" Color Sensational lipsticks are available in 13 other nuances. The Color Sensational Blushed Nudes lipstick is available in 5 other nuances. They aren't longlasting but they also don't claim that. The packaging is very pretty and the cap is in the some color like the lipstick. The price is 6,65€ in a drugstore. 


I like these lipsticks by Maybelline because of their consistence. Creamy and also good pigmented.
What do you think?

Do you know this series?
Do you like them?

We will see us next time.


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  1. Pink Fling habe ich auch zu Hause und der ist so toll :D
    Ich fand ihn am Anfang viel zu knallig für meine Lippen (als ich noch überhaupt nieeeee Farbe auf meinen Lippen getragen habe) und mittlerweile tragen ich ihn total oft im Alltag :D
    Liebe Grüße,