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Hey Guys! Today a review about the nailpolish by L'Oreal. I always wanted to have one of these. When there was a 30% dicount at Rossmann i was searching for them! What i also bought, that you can read here.

Anyway i dicided to buy 224 Rose Ballet. I also liked 116 Café de Nuit and 662 Moka Chic on instagram.  I want to buy them too someday. If there will be dicounts :D
The nailpolishes cost 6,99€ at Douglas. There are 11 nailpolishes in total.

Let's start with the review.

I think the bottle is so beautiful and precious. The golden cap and the "padded" bottle. Also the nailpolishes are very hypted because:

"The formular makes sure that there are  intense, elegant and expressiv colors because of the precious micro-oils and the innivative oil-in-color-technology. At the same time they spoil with exclusive color-riche-scent."

Doesn't it sound good?

I thought the color is very appealing. It's a beautiful warm red/pink (?). I can't describe it very well. A dark salmon and somehow it has a brown tone? I let i be :D
Anyway i really really like it and i was surprised that i had to apply just one coat. The color is so pigmented, intense and it just shines. Because of the oil in the nailpolish it is a little bit more thick and that's why i just had to apply one coat.

I don't know if you have heard it but some people say the nailpolish smells good. I personaly hate the scent from nailpolish. I just can't smell it, like gas and nailpolish remover.
When i opened the bottle of nailpolish i smelled it and it had the some scent like always. I immidiately closed my nose. 
Than i applied it on my nails. If the nailpolish is dry there is a very pretty scent! My mum discribed it like creame. I can't really discribe it in words because i associate the smell with things in my childhood. In like one day the smell was gone. I think that's because of the permanent hand cleaning. 

I also like the brush. The corrugating looks so cool!
I applied the nailpolish without a top coat and i have to say that it lasts my very long and it also dries fast! I really liked that.

All in All i really like the nailpolish and the new formular! In the future i will buy some more. But when i was at the drugstore some colors didn't convinced me. Maybe i have to look at them again. But that happens when there are some discounts :D 


I hope you enjoyed it :)

What do you think about the formular?
What's your favorite?

We will see us next time.


3 Kommentare

  1. Ich finde die Lacke sooo toll *__* Das Fläschchen ist überaus niedlich :) Auch die Farbe ist wirklich wunderbar :)
    Liebe Grüße ♥

  2. wunderschöne Farbe Anna :)
    Ich sehe die Fläschchen immer auf Instagram und kauf mir glaube ich irgendwann nur so einen Nagellack weil mir das Design so gut gefällt :D
    Deine Farbe entspricht total meinem Geschmack, so Rosenholz-Töne gehen immer :) vor allem jetzt im Herbst.
    Liebe Grüße,
    Miri von Mary Reckless

  3. Die Farbe ist wirklich schön, und bei den Fläschchen kommt ja auch total das Verpackungsopfer in mir durch! Aber bisher konnte ich mich noch zusammenreißen, weil immer die Vernunft gesiegt hat. Die Farben habe ich irgendwie alle schon und dafür ist mir der Preis dann doch zu hoch.

    Liebe Grüße ♥