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Hey Guys! How are you? I am pretty good, later we go a little bit shopping and i also have to buy some earth for my cactus. But now it's not about it. Today it's about a micelle cleansingwater by Garnier.
Probably you already heard about it. There are 3 different variations:

Pink = Dry & Sensitive Skin
Green = Combination Skin & Sensitive Skin
Rosy =  Normal & Sensitive Skin

There is also a new variation. A waterproof one. Today it's about the pink one. Dry & Sensitive Skin.
This is my second bottle. There is a Maxi-Format (400ml) and a Mini-Format (125ml). I have the 400ml one.

Here you can see their promises in a near perspective.
In the past time i had problems finding a good make-up remover. My skin dried out. But i didn't thought about it too much because i thought is was normal beause of my skin. Okay actually i have combination skin but i bought this one. I don't know why. Anyway i just applied a skin care cream on my face. Later i understood that that's not normal. My skin is drying out and it tightens it.
This just can't be good for your skin. Then i read the ingrediants and it contained alcohol and that's why my skin drys out. And that's how wrinkles come from. I am only 18 years old i don't want wrinkles. Not now. That's too early.

So i went to my mum and we talked about it. On the next day she bought me this by Garnier. It look promising to me because i already knew the brand.
And at that point i still use it.

  • It smells like nothing, okay it does have a smell to it but i think it's just the water. Not perfumed or so (like it says is on the package).
  • It removes your make-up completely. No matter what, eyes, lips and face.
  • It doen't dry out my skin! No thightness. As if you just removed your make-up with water. 
  • No irritations on my skin, which doesn't come rarely.

It says that you don't have to wash your face after using the remover. But i do it anyway. Not because i have to after using it. It's a habit of mine to wash my face after i put a product on it, besides skin care cream.

I recommend this product to all people who have problems finding the right cleansingwater, because of irritations, no skin friendleness, no intense cleaning and drying.
But also to the ones who just want to do something good to their skin, want to treat it with care. It really helped me and i will definitely buy another bottle when mine goes empty. But this time i will buy the green variation. There shouldn't be such a difference. For the price of 4,95€ for the 400ml one it is a little bit pricey. That is also why i was a little bit surprised when my mum bought it for me. Also a 400ml bottle does last very long. Months. Well i don't do full make-up. I just need 2 cotton pads. The second is for making sure.


I hope you enjoyd it :)

What do you think about this product?

We will see us next time.


4 Kommentare

  1. Ich verwende das Mizellenwasser auch derzeit und mag es sehr gerne! Liebe Grüße

  2. Ich nehme dieses Mizellenwasser schon sehr lange,um morgens und abends mein Gesicht damit zu reinigen und mag es echt gerne.
    Es erfrischt die Haut sehr schön.
    Liebe Grüße.<3

    1. Ja das finde ich auch! Bin froh es gefunden zu haben :)

  3. Das Mizellenwasser ist super, habe ich auch zu Hause..allerdings habe ich das Lilane und weiß gar nicht für was es ist. Da ich aber eigentlich eine Mischhaut habe sollte ich nächstes Mal wohl eher das grüne kaufen :)
    Danke dass du mich auf das Grüne aufmerksam gemacht hast :)
    Liebe Grüße,
    Miri von Mary Reckless