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Hey Guys! Today i am back again with another review. It's about the Matt Lip Artist by Catrice in the color Bare Nude's Soul.
I already showed you this product in my last Haul

This Lipstick comes in 6 other colors. So there are 7 overall. I chose the first nuance because i still search for the "perfect" nude for my lips. And i though maybe this might be it.

If my choice was right and if i like the lipstick, you can  find out now. Have fun reading :)

 The product promises to:

  1. have an intensive color 
  2. be soft on the lips 
  3. be longlasting till 6hr 
  4. not dry your lips out 
  5. have a precise application and defination because of the stylo pencil 

Okay, the fact that they are not longlasting till 6hr was obvious right? I hope so. But i really wished that they were because of the awesome colors. Because i knew they weren't, it wasn't a big disappointment. Although they promissed it!
So now we the obvious point checked. There are other promises. The stylo pencil is very practical for application. Because of the "pointy" shape you can apply the lipstick very precise and easy. It just looks like a pencil. Unfortunately it also smells like one. I really thought about the scent. It doesn't bother me or it also isn't nasty. But when it reminded me of a pencil it was strange. The smell sticks on your lips for a long time. It should be clear if you want to buy one of them but you like nice scents. 

The color is sooo pretty. I am so happy i chose the first nuance because it is just perfect for my lips! It's the one if've been looking for. 
The color is a very pretty, warm nude-brown-pink. Very good for everyday use. I will use it frequently. It is definitely pretty and natural for school. Unfortunately i don't want to go to school :D but i have to...
The fact that the lipstick is also matte is so nice! I think if it weren't matte i woulnd't have bought it. There aren't glitterparticles or any shimmer. It is really matte! That's soo cool!
The lipstick feels very soft on the lips, once you applied it. But it is not as soft as you would think. But the lipsticks aren't gonna dry your lips out so that's good.

The packaging is very simple. Everything is black besides the bottom which you can turn around. The bottom is in the color you chose. The label is in a refelctive silver.
But what drives me nuts it that the number or the nuance of the lipstick is on the bar code. But i want to remove the bar code.

All in all a top product. I really like it. I also want to try other nuances. I already looked some up and i am really interessted in: 030 Barberry Hopping and 070 First Brown Ticket. The price is 3,95€ at the drugstore.



I think that these lipsticks are very good for their pice! It is matte but doen't dry your lips out. Also it has a very pretty color. Disadvantage is the smell, like a pencil and of course it is not longlasting till 6hr. Pigmentation and packaging are top.

What do you think?

I hope you enjoyed my post.
We will see us next time!


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  1. Ich mag die auch total, auch wenn ich die schon als etwas austrocknend empfinde :)
    Liebe Grüße ♥

  2. Cool dass du den vorgestellt hast Anna. Hab den vor einer Woche in einem Youtube Video gesehen und dachte mir: den muss ich haben.
    Habs bis jetzt leider nicht in die Drogerie geschafft.
    Das mit den 6h Halt war ja fast klar, aber ich trage den Lippenstift nach dem essen meistens sowieso neu auf, sieht einfach schöner aus.
    Gut finde ich dass er net austrocknet, was mich jetzt aber ein bisschen abschreckt ist der Geruch O.o sowas mag ich ja gar nicht.. werde in der Drogier wohl erst Mal dran riechen bevor er mit kommen darf :D

    1. Ja der Geruch ist schon etwas komisch. Vielleicht ist es ja nur bei meinem so? hmm...
      Aber da ich die Farbe total mag sehe ich da hinweg :D