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Hey Guys! Eventhough i have school i want to write soo many reviews! You can't believe it!
Today it's about a new peeling by bebe young care. I was so happy i found this product because i was searching for something like that. Something that i could put on my face maybe daily or something that is so good that i have to put it on my face rarely. 

First external: I really like the design! The combination of the colours purple, green and pink looks very good! Because of the dots the design looks more interesting. Optically it looks very pleasant. The back is designed very easy and clearly arranged, i really like that because i don't like searching for so long.

The Peeling promises: 
  • Hard to uncleannesses, soft to skin
  • Helps to remove uncleanness
  • A matt, shinefree teint the whole day
  • Helps removing dirt  and suet excess and clears the skin softly

The peeling contains lemongrass and fruitextract. You can really smell the lemony, but i can't understand why there is fruitextract :D
As you can see the peeling is clear and there are different sized green particles. Honestly i thought there will be much more particles. Anyone who knows the bodypeeling by Treaclemoon you understand me. I hoped for a effect like that. But that's not what it's like with this peeling.  I almost didn't feel any effect on my face. That's very sad because i was so sure :(
What i also didn't like is when you open the tupe the product expand and shots right out the tube. I had no control. Such a mess.

Unfortunately i felt a tingle and a burn on my face. Okay normally i think that's because the product does his job. It get's in my skin, what is it supposed to feel like? But i learned for my face that this is not a good sign. I get a rash. And exactly that is what happend to me.
I got redness and i didn't want to try it again.
A few days later i wanted to give it a second chance. Well it happend again. Then again. And next time i tried it i put it for a short time on my face. That was okay.
But i don't want to live with this risk. I mean my skin doesn't get along with it so why experimenting?

As you can notice i'm not very thrilled about this product. Sadly. But it's because of my skin. But i don't really think that the peeling particles would get me to the wished result. So i wont buy it again.


I hope you enjoyed it :)

What do you think about that product?
Do you like it?

We will see us next time.


1 Kommentare

  1. Oh weh das hört sich gar nicht gut an.
    Ich habe das Peeling noch nie ausprobiert und werde das wohl auch nicht machen da meine Haut auf sowas auch sehr empfindlich reagiert..
    Habe momentan noch ein Peeling von Babor zu Hause, das ziemlich teuer ist aber total super für meine Haut ist :)
    Liebe Grüße,
    Miri von Mary Reckless