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Hey Guys! For about 1 1/2 weeks i received a package by DM Insider. They send me 2 deodorants by Balea. Thank you very very much! #sponsored

I should test these deodorants. I won't say no :D
I was really really happy to receive one of them!

Here a Shoutout: DM Insider
DM Insider is a site where you can be informed about new stuff at DM. Limited Editions and so on. You can also apply for product tests and you can share your posts about some DM Brands with others! Check it out.

General Details

They promote a doublespreading rate on the same can size. Because of the concetrate formular and the efficient spread-technology the applications are doubled. Therefore the contained 200ml appear like 400ml.

In the new Deo-Generation by Balea there are 6 deodorants and 2 anti-transpitant. I have 1 each. 
Price: 1,35€

Let's start with the review

Deodorant - Soft Rock

  • Without aluminium (ACH)
  • 24h reliable and longlasting protection
  • Scent: cherry, soft exotic
  • Protects longlasting for body odor

•My Result•

I really like the scent! Very rosy but not the artificial one. It smells fresh like spring/summer. The packaging says soft exotic. I think that describes it very well. The design and the scent are unanimous. I think that's very great. The color is a soft rosé and not a bright pink. Very decent and pleasant.
So after applying it onto my armpits it drys quickly and leaves no white marks. After that i went like 3,5 km to a supermarket :D Well i thought when i go for so long i also could test this deodorant.
Arrived i noticed that  the product does his job. I was surprised because that day the weather was really hot.
Well when i got home i noticed wetness. So it doesn't hold on to 24h that's for sure. The way back home was more difficult and hotter, it thought that would be the ultimate test but the deodorant failed it. I really wished that it would work because of the smell but it didn't. There was wetness but i did't stank. I still smelled like a wonderful rose.
I will definetelly include it in my daily life because i really like the smell and maybe i will buy some other variations. 
I am not disappointed :D I still like it.

Anti-Transpirant - Fit for Stress

  • 48h longlasting protection
  • Dry-Effect-Formular
  • Activated by body heat
  • Extra drying feeling

•My Result•

Well i should say that i didn't try this product. It's because it contains aluminium. I don't really want to try it because i want to protect myself from breast cancer like i can. And i am sorry because they sent it to me for giving it a try. But i can't I don't want do risk anything. 
So the scent is very refreshing and citrusy. The design is yellow-green which represents the smell very well. 
I hope you aren't angry at me for not testing this product and not giving you more information about it. 

× All in All i really like this deodorant. Eventhough it didn't last 24h. What i really like is the design of each product. Very good for my age. Some producers make like sweet and "childish" designs. Don't get me wrong i also like them! But sometimes you need something more simple. I will continue using the Soft Rock one :)
And for a price for 1,35€ you also can test it.


I hope this post could help you :)

What do you think about these deodorants?
How is the Anti-Transpirant one?

We will see us next time.


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  1. toller Review zu den Deos :)
    Kann das total verstehen das du dass mit Aluminium nicht testen wolltest.
    Ich finde sie sind auch äußerlich sehr ansprechend :)
    Liebe Grüße,

    Zu meinem Blog