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Hey Guys!! Today i am back with a review. It is about a product by Astor. The loved Soft Sensationan Lipcolor Butter Matte. Ich already have one of them und that i bought another one means i like them.

As you know i bought this nuance at Rossmann because of the 20% discount. (Still there so check them out quickly!)

So now to the product. Already at the beginning i wanted a matte lipstick because i don't really like sheer lipsticks. After researching on the internet which one i could like or which one i want to check out at the store, i went to the city. In my shopping basket came the nuance 028 Vintage Chic.

The color is very intensive but i like it very much! The color itself i didn't own in my collection. So it was time. To discribe it i would say it is a berry tone, a red which goes to a purple. Very pretty for fall but also it can be very good combined now. Without swatches you would say it is a "simply" red but with swatches you can clearly see that's not the case. The consistenz is pretty soft and smooth. That's because of a integrated lipbalm. Also the lipstick not only has a matte finish, it also covers your lips pretty good! Furthermore it doesn't grease. It "slides" on your lips. The application is very easy and prezise because of the teardrop shape the lipstick has. 
The smell is for most people very important. I can say that the lipstick has a pleasant smell. It smells like vanilla. I personally don't really like vanilla but in this case it doesn't bother me. The lipstick is longlasting but keep in mind, that if you eat or drink eventually there will come some color of. 
It isn't a matte lipstick which "sticks" on your lip. It contains balm. To that effect the lips will feel soft and smooth. 

Another pluspoint is the design. It's simple but chic. The packaging looks like the color which is inside and the lable is gold. The word Matte is highlighted. The background is gold and the word ist in (in this case) dark red.
Practical is that for more product you can spinn the bottom.

Only "weak point" is that the matte lipsticks are available in just 5 nuances. Why would you do that? I need more!

What can i say next besides buy them as long as they are available :D
Some products will leave the sortiment by other brands, i don't know about this one. But as long as they are there please check them out! I really recomment them!Don't forget the dicount! (till 12.08.) 

I wanted to buy two of these matte lipsticks. I wanted 026 Royal Dive but which Lipstick i actually bought you can see in my previous post! The review is coming up soon!



All in all it is top. They need more colors. Plus: they are matte, intensive, vibant and there is a blam. Despite that there are just 5 nuances, there are "unique" colors. Purple, Red, Nude and Brdeaux. For anybody something. And the packaging looks very pretty and precious. For the price 5,85€ a great product!

What do you think?
TOP or Flop?

For me, definitely TOP.
I hope you enjoyd this long post and i hope i could help you.
We will see us next time :)


6 Kommentare

  1. OMG! Diese Farbe ist ja einfach nur der Hammer *__*
    Liebe Grüße ♥

  2. Wooow die Farbe ist echt super. Habe mir von den matten (noch) keine mitgenommen, obwohl es da echt tolle Farben gibt. Super interessanter und ausführlicher Artikel.
    lg Mella ♥

    1. Danke! Also ich würde mir die auf jeden Fall mal anschauen :)

  3. Hi Anna,
    super Review, ich hatte lange überlegt ob ich mir einen von den Lipcolours kaufen soll, aber bin bei matten Produkten immer etwas skeptisch, da sie meine Lippen austrocknen. Nach deinem Review hab ich da allerdings keine bedenken mehr und werde mir demnächst auch einen Anschaffen :-)
    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Hey! Ja diese Bedenken habe ich auch bei matten Lippenstiften. Das Gute ist hier bei ja die integrierte Pflege :)