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Good Day! How are you?
Today i would like to present you some products by the brand "Treaclemoon".
In todays post it is about Bodaylotion, Bodypeelings and Showergels.
But first some information about this brand.

Treaclemoon is a company which products are all vegan and they are produced without animal experiments. They test the products on themselves, under professional supervision or in dermatological institutes. They also resign parabene and silicone. I just love their designs. They look soo cute and on every product there is a sweet saying. Very lovely. And they smell good too! Not you only will fall in love with them, you also will buy like a whole bunch of it because they are cheap! So cool!

So now we will beginn with the products.

Sweet Apple Pie Hugs - Bodylotion
  • Seductive soft and sweet apple scent
  • Rich care with sustained effect
  • Easy to spread and it drys quickly
  • Specifically for dry skin

Iced Strawberry Dream - Bodylotion
  • Takes care of skin with moisture
  • Easy to spread and drys quickly
  • Longterm, fruity strawberry scent
  • Specifically for dry skin

Sweet Apple Pie Hugs - Showergel
  • Many and fine frothy
  • Soft to skin
  • Pleasant scent of apple pie
  • Price: 0,95€

 Iced Strawberry Dream - Bodypeeling

  • Strawberry - cream summerscent
  • Soft skin
  • Soft peeling effect
  • Contains jojoba, instead microplastic
  • Price: 2,95€

That Vanilla Moment - Bodypeeling
  • Mild bodypeeling for soft skin
  • Easy application under shower
  • Soft peeling effect with environment friendly jojoba instead microplastic
  • Price: 2,95€


So that's it with my treaclemoon post :) I hope you enjoyed it.

What is you fav. product by treaclemoon and which scent is it?

We will see us next time!


2 Kommentare

  1. I love the Bodypeeling by treacle moon :)
    My favourite fragrance is sweet apple pie hugs.<3

    1. Dieser Duft ist wirklich gut! ;)