Nailpolishes - KIKO/ Manhattan/ Essie/ Maybelline/ Catrice/ L'oreal

Hey Guys!! Today i want to show you the other part of my nailpolish collection! You can see that i really like wearing nailpolishes... well everything begun when my friends started to talk about nailpolish and how much they own. When i was home i realized i had like 8 :D and somehow that changed everything. Now i really like to collect them. Different brands, colors and effects. Now i am on a nude trip. I want to weat a nailpolish that is very natural, as if i had no nailpolish on. You know what i mean? :D Because when i wear no nailpolish my nails are very fragile to break. Does anyboday knows that 'problem' ? :D

Well i talk to much, sorry, so here we go:

KIKO - Nail Laquer
left: 243 / right: 345
  • Contains Citral: strenghts and hardens nail
  • Citral:  natural, active ingredient. It seals and protects the nails and builds a scratch-resistant 'lightarmature'.
  • Intensive colors
  • Gel texture
  • Precise and easy application
  • Elastic layer
  • Contains no gently scouring admixture like toluol, Camphor.
  • 1,90€
  • Also available in 336 other colors

Manhattan - Lotus Effect
left: 35L/ right: 50N
  • Longlasting
  • Intensive colors
  • Contains Lotusextract
  • Pretty colors
  • 1,95€

Essie - Blanc
  • Creamy texture
  • Good covering
  • Casual/ Chic
  • Classic
  • 2-3 Layers for a perfect finish
  • 7,99€

Maybelline - Color Show
120 Urban Turquoise
  • High pigmented formular
  • Perfect covering power
  • Very intensive colors
  • Quick Dry-Technology
  • Easy and precise application
  • Available in 42 other colors
  • 3,29€

Catrice - Neoprene (LE)
C02 Mauve Medley
  • Neoprence Effect
  • Drys very quick
  • longlasting
  • Beautiful nude
  • Not available anymore

L'oreal - 502
  • Integrated Top-Coat
  • Precise applicatin
  • Longlastin
  • Intensive color
  • High pigmented
  • 4,99€

Essence - The Gel Nailpolish
back/left: 40 Play With My Mint/
back/right: 106 Free Hugs/
fore: 13 Forgive Me
  • Longlasting
  • Gel-finish
  • Glossy
  • Available in 51 colors
  • Pretty colors
  • 1,55€


So i hope you enjoyd this post :) If you like you can write in the comments your recommendations!
We see us next time!

What is your fav. nailpolish brand? 


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