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Hello Guys!! Today i want to present you a Bath Bomb. I buy my Bath Bombs mostly in Lush. Maybe i should tell you first about this store.

Lush is a store, where handmade cosmetic is sold. Therefore they use fresh und high-quality ingrediants, inspired by fruit ans vegetables markets. The term environment is very important there. They use only the best ethereous oils and the best coldpressed oils. Therefore their products are free from animal experiments, 100% vegetarian, 100% plam oil free soapbasis and 85% vegan. They are to 35% unpackt and the rest is in recycleable packages. And the products are to 65% self-preserving and 7% are 100% made of natural ingrediants.

It is an amazing place! I discoverd it, a long time ago. My mom and i were in the city and suddenly we smelled a wonderful scent. Lush had a new delivery and we were in the right day on the right place.
What i also have to say is that the information sounds like it is not effordable. One Bath Bomb costs 5+€. There are also exceptions. Also there are other products. You just have to check this store out. You also don't have to use the whole bath bomb. Just make chunks.
*A good idea for a present*

Sakura Bath Bomb
  • Contains: Cherryblossoms, Mimose, Jasmin
  • Has a citrusy scent
  • As if you are in a japanise garden
  • Great smell
  • Softens skin
  • Relaxing
  • Pretty colors
  • Bathwater stays white
  • Not very interesting if you prefer vibrant colors

All in all i would say the bath bombs are worth the money. I personaly don't buy so many bath bombs anymore, because i rarely take a bath. I noticed that i hoard them. They are so hard to give away because of their pretty design and extraordinary smell. I love them so much! I also had other bath bombs but there are gone (i used them). But one day i will buy them again because i just love Lush for that :D 

I hope you enjoyd that long post about a bath bomb.

We will see us soon!


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