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Hey Guys!! Today i want to show you some products by Kneipp. I bought them for my mum because she really like this. Actually there were 10 bath products like bath oil and bath essence but she also gave some away as a present.
So now i have just 6 bath oils which i will present you.

Maybe some information about the brand.
Kneipp works since 1891 on formulations, which are always based of natutal ingredients and a scientific device. The products and concepts are oriented on the needs.
The most improtant thing is quality. They only use vegetable raw materials.
Significant is also the use, efficacy and safety.
Kneipp does not conduct animal eyperimentation.

Now let's get started with the first bath oil.

  • Neat product can cause discoloration
  • After taking a bath rinse the bathtub with warm water, remove arrears
  • Do Not drink and store inaccessible for kids
  • Take a bath for 15-20 min. Clean screw plug.

 Stress Relaxation - Bath Essence

  • Relaxation and Peace of Mind
  • Contains natural ethereous Patchouli-oil and  valuable Algumextract
  • Patchouli releases jumpiness and helps by inner concerns
  • Algum is for a  well-adjusted and relaxed effect
 Beauty Secret - Bath Oil

  • Contains a combination of 4 precious natural oils, which care intensivly for your skin.
  • Reclaims and strengthens skin
  • Argan oil - Lissomeness and harmonious skin appearance
  • Marula oil - Strengthens skin 
  • Castor Bean oil - Oil replenishing and balance of moistureloss
  • Olive oil - Protects skin and grants smoothness

 Pure Relaxation - Bath Essence

  • Contains ethereous oils from the indian melissa and an extrcat from the lemon balm
  • Indian Melissa - Relax , ease off
  • Lemony smell - Balancing

Dreams About The Provence

  • Contains ethereous lavender oil
  • Relaxation and breathing deeply
  • Mediterranean essence - Escape to a beautiful landscape provence

 Almond Blossoms - Bath Oil

  • Active Protection and a palpable care
  • 94% Almond Blossoms Oil
  • Retention of skin protection
  • Smooth skin

Time Together - Bath Oil

  • Contains extract from Jasmin and Almond oil
  • Relax and erotizing effect
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So that's it my friends!
Hope you enjoyd this post and i will see you next time!

What is your fav. product to relax?


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