4 Perfumes I Really Like

Hey Guys!! Today i had the idea to show you some perfums that i like. These are 4 different perfums by different brands.
So before i start talking so much again, i think we should now begin with each perfum. Or it will be a very long post. Or do you want a really long post? DO YA ? DO YA? (who knows that reference? comment down below)

Boss - Orange Woman (EdT)
30ml = 47€

  • Scent: warm and fresh 
  • Contains amroma from sweet apples
  • With white and orange blossoms
  • Basis: vanilla, sandal-,olivewood
  • A scent for spontaneity and passion

Giorgio Armani - Acqua di Gioia (EdP)
30ml = 45€

  • Scent: flowery, fresh, warm, ligneous-soft, 
  • Mixture of nature and ocean
  • Contains mint, brown sugar, rosy pepper, peonies, aquatic jasmin-blossom, sicilian cedar, lemon, 
  • Scent for a fresh and warm aura

Giorgio Armani - Sì (EdP)
30ml = 59,95€

  • Scent: mossy, woody, fresh, soft, floral,  
  • Contains: currant, tangerines, freesia, roses, sweet olive, vanilla, patchouli,  
  • Hommage to modern feminity
  • Scent for a compelling sensual warmth

Roberto Cavalli - Just Cavalli (EdT)
30ml = 39,99€

  • Scent: sexy- flowery, oriental, fresh, soft
  • Pure lust and desire
  • Scent for an attractive and incredible day


So we come to an end! YIAY! If you tried some of these perfumes then comment down below what you think about them? Do you like them ot not? Why?

What is your fav. perfume?

I hope you enjoyd it and we see us next time!


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