3 Books For Romantics + DVDs

Hi Guys! Today i show you some books what are perfect for the summer. They are very romantic. I really like these books and that's why i want to share them with you. At the end there are also some DVDs which fit perfect in this category. A little disclaimer ... these aren't new books. I read them last year or 2 or something like that. But now i have the opportunity to write something about them.

So with no further ado... let's begin with this post.

The Sweetness of Forgetting - Kirstin Harmel
( Solange am Himmel Sterne stehen ) 

Rose McKenna loves evenings. When the first stars are visible on the sky in Cape Cod, Rose remembers the people she loves and lost and those of  who she told nobody. Rose has Alzheimer's. She knows that soon noone will remember the young couple which promisses love to one another...1942 in Paris. When her grandchild pleases her to travel to Paris, Rose has no idea of the emotional story she will discover. A story about hope, pain and a love which conquers everything.

This story is so cute and emotional. I really really liked it. Actually i bought this book for my good friend and after she liked it and said: "This was the perfect book for me!" , i just had to buy it for me too. That makes sence right? yes it does ☺. I think there are two stories told. One about Rose and another story about her grandchild Hope. The stories establish on each other very well. You really sympathize with the characters. That's what makes that book so interesting and touching. I really recommend it to anybody who wants to be emotional touched. But also to anybody who just needs a story about hope, love, wisdom and history. 

One Day - David Nicholls
(Zwei an einem Tag)

It is the 15th July 1988. Emma and Dexter are both 20 years old and just get to know each other on the graduation ceremony. They spend the night together. On the next morning they go their ways. Where will they be exactly one year later? And after 20 years? Will they always go past each other eventhough they can't forget the other one?

This books is so good. I really like it if you can't tell. I don't want to spoiler but i feel like after each capter you just think to yourslef: "Why?...why is this happening?" , The more you read the more you are in it. You just don't want to lay down this book because you have to know what comes next. And then you regret that because you forgot you meal again. So if this couldn't convince you then i have no idea. Just an advice...read this book!

Love, Rosie - Cecelia Ahern
(Für immer vielleicht)

Rosie and Alex know each other since they are 5 years old. Destiny determined them to more than best friends, That seems clear to everyone but not destiny...

>>" We have stand next to each other on the aisle twice, Rosie, twice! And each time on the wrong side!<<

This book is one of my favorite romans of alltime.  The story is written in like emails, calls, chats, letters, postcards. I think thats why i liked it. It is so much easier to read and you can put oneself in a characters position because nowaday everything goes by the internet. And like "One Day" by David Nicholls, you also have the "why is this happening" moments. And that is why this stoy is so sympathetic. Nothing comes in the easy way. It is always difficult and not always everything connects.

  • The Theory of Everything - Die Entdeckung der Unendlichkeit
  • 13 Going On 30 - 30 über Nacht
  • Endless Love
  • The Fault In Our Stars - Das Schicksal ist ein mieser Verräter
  • The Notebook - Wie ein einziger Tag
  • Gatsby

So that's it. I hope you enjoyd this post and we will see us next time!

What is your fav. book for evenings like that? 


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