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Today I want to share with you my lipsticks and lipliners. There arn't many but a few. And to each lipstick and lipliner i will write down my opinion on them. Hope you enjoy it :) . 

1. Trend it up - Ultra Matte Lipstick -  020 Matte

I got this lipstick to my birthday. It seems to be a dark red/pink shade but on my lips it is like a purple/red. It is very smooth that's what i like about it. The application is very easy too. When my friend wears that lipstick it last forever but i didn't try it yet because the color is a bit intense for me to wear it to school. The packaging feels and looks like it has a good quality. It also has a neutral smell. Maybe a little bit vanilly.
 A good  lipstick! I have to go to the drug store and look for other shades. It costs 2,25€. A very good price for this product!

2. Max Factor - Burnt Caramel 745

I bought that lipstick a few weeks ago. I really like it! The color is like a brown-ish nude. Good for school! The application is also very smooth and creamy. Very good! I also like the packaging very much. It is in a pretty gold and on the bottom you can see the color. Good quality. The smell is sweet but not intense. Very pretty. It costs 8,95€. 

3. Maybelline New York - Color Sensational  - 207 Pink Fling

 This lipstick was one of my first "expensive" lipsticks. It is a pretty pink/nude. For my lips i think a little bit to pink. Maybe it is perfect for yours. The application is very easy but not as smooth like the others. But on the lips it feels creamy. It also has a shimmery effect. The packaging has also a good quality but not as good like the other lipsticks i have shown you on the top. It is light. This lipstick has also a sweet scent. It costs 6,65€. 

4. Maybelline New York - Color Sensational - 140 Intense Pink 

 I think this lipstick was my first "expensive" lipstick. You can see it is cleary used. I like it very much but it looks like a nude/pink but like its name.. it is intense pink. Also is has a shimmery effect. It is not totally covering the lip with color because of it. The application is creamy and the smeel is also sweet but not intense. The quality of its packaging is like the other maybelline lipstick. Good but it can be better. It costs 6,65€.

5. Essence - Longlasting Lipstick - 07 Natural Beauty

This lipstick looks on the picture like a pink but it is a beautiful nude. Also good for school. Very natural. Light color application. Not longlasting for me. But still pretty. I like it very much and it isn't expensive. It costs 2,25€. The packaging is okay. Not the best but if it falls down your desk it will be survive. 

6. Astor - Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter Matte - 027 Elegant Nude

If you couldn't tell i used this lipstick a lot! I really really like it and would buy it to 100% again! Smooth, creamy, good  color application, nice smell and the color is so pretty! It is like a darker red with brown in it. I guess. It really feels like butter when you apply it on your lips. I definitely have to buy other shades because they are so good! It costs 5,85€.

7. Trend it up - Contour & Glide Lipliner - 010

This lipliner has a very nice finish. It is a brown-ish/ nude color. Very pretty and it is suitable for daily use. Also good in pigmentation. This lipliner and on top the essence longlasting lipstick. Hands down! So pretty! Apart from that it is the same like the other trend it up lipliner. It also costs 1,95€. 

8. Trend it up - Contour & Glide Lipliner - 040 

I think lipliner by trend it up are very good. The brand is cheap but the quality is very good! I like them. This color is a very intense red. Pretty and it doesn't feel sticky or very dry. It doesn't smell like anything. Some people just wear the lipliner but i prefer to apply lipstick over it. So it should last longer. But when your are like me, who drinks everytime and needs chapsticks after drinking and eating, then i think it wouldn't last very long. It costs 1,95€. And the lipliner by trend it up includes a sharpener on the bottom. So nice!

9. Essence - Longlasting Lipliner - 07 Plum Cake

I think when i bought this lipliner i was too focused to buy a lipliner that i didn't really checked the color. Also i blame the lighting in stores. The reason is that the color is purple. I am pretty pale, so when i wear a purple lipstick everything looks very cool. The color is pretty, don't get me wrong.. but it doesn't fit me. So if you like purple as a lipcolor then go ahead and buy this lipliner because it is good pigmented and cheap. It costs 1,45€. 


And here are some swatches ;)


So i hope this post was a bit interesting for you and if you have recommendations then message me! I am always searching for a good lipstick or lipliner.

Also i am sorry for some brands because i think some of them aren't available internationally. But if you have the chance to look them up then do it! Maybe you like them too!

What is your fav. lipstick?


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