Today I want to show you my highlighter. Ich don't have many of them but why do you need many highlighter? 
With this pencils you can highlight:
  • your waterline so your eyes appear bigger.
  • your inner corner of your eye so it appear as if you had enough sleep.
  • your eyebrow so it appears like  it is  lifted

So i hope you enjoy reading!

1. NYX - Jumbo Eye Pencil - 604 Milk

This highlighter is perfect to highlight the things i listed on the top. Very good. It makes your eyes be more awake and this is perfect for school! ☺ If it is perfectly blendid it looks so natural! I like it so much. And like the other NYX eye pencil i presented you in another post, you can sharpen it. And at this point i also have no experience because it is still "full". Beautiful white and it really lasts long. It costs 5,99€. 

2. Essence - Longlasting Eye Pencil - 25 Say Hi Light

I bought this highlighter to apply it on my waterline because it is nude so it wouldn't be soo obvious. And i like it! But the only negative point is that it isn't longlasting... well on one eye it is a little bit☺ but that is not so pretty on just one eye. Make sure that you apply that product before you do your bottom eyelashes. Because if you don't it will look like your bottom eyelashes start in the air or so ☺.  It costs 1,45€. 

3. Essence - Wake up, Spring! - Jumbo Highlighter Pen - 01 My Sweet Spring Melody (LE)

I think this is my first highlighter pencil. It is a pretty nude shade and the application is creamy. I think it is a limited edition soo now you can't find it anymore in the store. The product is very good unter the eyebrow. It looks pretty natural. It is also good for blending because it is so smooth. It cost maybe like 1-2 €. It is a LE so i can't find the actual price. 


If you have some recommendations for highlighter or if you want that i check out some products and maybe try them then message me! :) 
Thanks for reading! Bye Bye


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