Hey Guys! So today i want to show you some eyeshadows. Pencils and powders. I really like to do my eye-make-up and because i go to school i don't have like fancy or intense colors.
Hope you enjoy this little post :)
First i show you a primer. A primer is a product which you apply before you do your actuall eye-make-up. This holds everything in place.

1.  Catrice - Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base - 010

Before you apply your eyeshadow, use a primer to set it. This is my first eyeshadow primer/base. First i liked it. The application is easy and it doesn't really has a color, it is a light coverig base. The tecture is creamy but i think that it needs a little bit time to stick to the skin.  To really test if my eyeshadow does not stay in my crease, i wore it to school. I have school 6-11 hours so that is enough time to test it. I came to the conclusion that sometimes it doesn't stay in my eyecrease but than on other days it does. It is confusing i know! You can't really rely on it. Another point is that i think the product goes out quickly! I cannot believe that it is almost empty. Now i have to look put for onther eyeshadow primers because it doesn't fulfill my claims.  It costs 3,45€.

2. NYX - Jumbo Eye Pencil - 611 Yogurt

Nowadays we have eyeshadow in a pencil. So you can apply your eyeshadow quicker. I really like this pencil. The color is a beautiful light golden shimmer. Very good for the inner corner of your eyes. Or if you want the whole lid. The application is very smooth and creamy. If there is no product anymore you can sharpen it. Yet i didn't sharpened it so i can't say you if it is easy or a disaster. It is full covorige. It costs 5,99€.

 3. Essence - Eyeshadow - 18 all i need

This eyeshadow is perfect for applying it in the inner corner of your eye. It is shimmery so it makes your eye make-up more elegant. Very pretty. It last quite long but i don't think it last super long. So if you want to go out for a few hours or you go to school like me, no worries. It costs 1,55€. 

4. Catrice  - Absolute Matt - 010 Eyes Wide Matte

As you can see.. i use this palatte like everyday or erverytime i do a eye mak-up. Well you can see it on one color ☺.  Also the print on the covor falls off... unfortunetely. They say that the colors are longlasting but i think they are not. After a long school day they don't really look so good. You can see them but they aren't pretty. Maybe on you, but not on me. Maybe it is because of the not so good primer... A plus point is that they also include a double-ended brush for application. And on the back there is a tip how to apply the shadows.  It costs 4,95€. 

Thanks for reading my post! I hope you liked it :) and feel free to write me your recommendations! 
Till the next post! Bye Bye


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