DM Haul / Drugstore Haul

Hey Guys! Yesterday my family and i went to a drugstore called DM. I really like this store because there is always pretty much everything i need or what i want to buy ;) . So i went in and it took me to the make - up sektion. And  then to the masks and sunscreen. 
First i want to list every product down below and show you guys what i bought. After i tryed them i will write reviews and then i will link them in this post underneath the product. 
So of there i no link next to a product then i didn't write it yet. Be patient. :)

So i bought:

  • SUN DANCE - Selbstbräunungsmilch/ self-tanner lotion - 1,95€
  • Neutrogena - Sofort einziehende Handcreme/ hand lotion - 2,85€
  • Garnier - Anti-Pickel-Thermo-Maske/ anti-pimple-thermo-mask - 0,65€
  • Balea - Sofort & Clean Anti- Mitesser Facestrips/ anti - blackhead facestrips - 0.45€
  • Balea - Volumen Puder/ volume powder - 1,95€
  • Trend it up - Ultra Matte Lipstick 010 - 2,25€
  • Essence - I ♥ color intensifying eyeshadow base (light) - 2,45€
  • Ebelin - Wimpernbürstchen/ eyelash brush -  1,15€


We will see us next time! ByeBye

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